Mist Spray


Mist Spray

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300ml bottle of Clonex Mist Spray.

Clonex® Mist is the latest innovation in cloning technology, developed to make cloning even more successful. An innovative, complex blend of amino acids and mineral nutrients to accelerate healthy rooting process. 

Instructions of use: For best results spray mother plant with Clonex Mist once or twice in the week of cuttings are taken. 

  1. Take cuttings by making a clean diagonal cut just bellow the leaf node.
  2. Dip cutting in rooting hormone of choice immediately and insert cutting into rooting medium, jiffy; rockwool; or soil.
  3. Spray the new cuttings with Clonex Mist and place them into a propagator. 
  4. After 2-3 days spray cuttings again with clonex mist and open the vents slightly.
  5. Repeat misting every 2 days, or whenever cuttings look dry. Open vents wider each day

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