The future is green, it’s cannabis green. Green and gold! We can help you make the most of the rapidly expanding market for CBD oil, medical-grade marijuana, or any product related to cannabis plants in South Africa and beyond.


With more than 50 years of cumulative experience, our team has set up more than half of South Africa’s commercial-scale cannabis farms.


We have real, meaningful relationships across the global cannabis community. We also value our deep connection to the cannabis plant.


We have perfected genetic breeding, cloning, distillation and extraction to get precise, predictable results for the relevant market.


We have worked in labs, seed banks, grow operations and farms across the world, including Amsterdam, the United States, Lesotho, Australia and South Africa.

Growing cannabis is not just something we do, it’s who we are.

Passionate about skills development, the team at Complete Cannabis Solutions has a vision to heal the planet by assisting, teaching and uplifting all communities in using cannabis and all its positive properties to awaken consciousness. It is a priority for us to build sustainable operations for clients, the environment and its people.

No matter what your need for weed, even if it’s greed, it all starts from seed.” – The White Lion