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NPK 4-9-9 

BioBloom is an all-in-one bio fertilizer in powder form, formulated  specifically for the flowering stage of all plants.
All essential nutrients are provided by the natural minerals and organic raw materials.  


Organic-Mineral fertiliser

NPK (Ca - Mg) 4 - 9 - 9 (5,7 - 2,4)

18% [C] Organic Carbon 
4% [N] total Nitrogen
4% [N] Organic Nitrogen
9% [P2O5] Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water and neutral ammonium citrate
9% [KO2] Potassium oxide soluble in water
8% [CaO] Calcium oxide
4% [MgO] Magnesium oxide
18% [SO3] Sulfur trioxide
31% Organic matter from bone meal, feather meal, vinasses, rapeseed cake meal

BioBloom is suitable for biological agriculture. 

Natural-minerals nutrients are immediately available for the plant and the organic nutrients are released slowly after being decomposed by microorganisms in the soil.  


The beneficial fungus and bacteria in BioBloom improve the microbial activity of the soil by supplying components that form humus.*


*This process depends on the conditions of the soil (e.g. humidity, temperature, pH-value, microbial activity, organic matter content, etc)

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